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Pakistani 17 Year Old Student Shah Zaib Invents Device for Cheap Power Production

Posted by on Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 9:38
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A 17-year old Pakistani student? Shah Zaib? has invented a device for getting cheap production of the electricity; very soon he will present prototype of the device in a science exhibition in the US, reported on Tuesday.Shah Zaib

Shah Zaib belongs to Quetta and currently he is a student of grade-11 in Rawalpindi. He has stunned everyone after inventing a non-metal device for production of the electricity.

During his invention’s demonstration, Shah Zaib turned on 44 LED lights with just 1.5 watt of electricity. Normally these lights take 3.00 watts for turning on.

Shah Zaib has been selected to represent Pakistan in an upcoming international science competition in the US.

Parents of Shah Zaib are confident that their son will make Pakistan’s name more famous globally after winning this international science competition in America.

Young scientist Shah Zaib has said that if his invention is utilized properly then it can help to control ongoing power crisis in the country

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