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Pakistani Cleric Wants Triple Divorce in one Go (Outlawed)

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Hard-pressing the government to declare it a criminal offense punishable by the law, Pakistan’s top religious body Wednesday ordained that divorcing wives thrice in one go runs counter to Islamic laws that govern matrimonial issues, media reported.

Maulana Mohammad Khan Sherani

Maulana Mohammad Khan Sherani

“Iterating the word Talaq (divorce) ‘thrice’ in a row is against the teachings of Islam. Shariah says a husband should utter these words over a period of time,” Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), Maulana Mohammad Khan Sherani, said.

Adding to his argument, Maulana Sherani raised a very strong point when he said that nowadays people were casually jumping to divorce their spouses without even giving it a serious or second thought.

”It is a dangerous trend that should be discouraged as ending a ‘sacred’ relationship like marriage should not have to be impulsive,” Sherani said expressing serious concern over a skyrocketing divorce rate in Pakistan.

Sherani said that during his lifetime Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) never liked this way of divorcing.

When asked as to what kind of punishment he would recommend if this three-talaqs-in-one-go method was outlawed, Sherani, talking around the question, said the indeed country’s judiciary was supposed to set the penal code for it.

In the laws of Islam there are three kinds of divorce, each with separate rules. When a man has initiated a divorce, the procedure is called ‘Talaq.’

When a husband accuses his wife of adultery without supplying witnesses and the wife denies it, the process is called li’ān. And when a woman has initiated a divorce it is called ‘Khula.’

In the Talaq, the husband pronounces the phrase “I divorce you” (Talaq) to his wife, three times. Many Islamic scholars believe there is a waiting period involved between the three Talaqs, pointing to Quran 65:1 and various Hadiths.

However the practice of “tripleTalaq” at one sitting has been “legally recognized historically and has been particularly practiced in Saudi Arabia.

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