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Pakistani Sexist Models Fashion 2010| Pakistani Shalwar Kameez Designs 2010

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Pakistan has recently become a hub of Eastern Fashion with the existence of so many talented designers including the upcoming designers. The innovation and creativity of Pakistani designers has infused a sense of fashion amongst the people of Pakistan.

The transition of Pakistani Fashion from short tight fitted shirt to long loose fit shirts has been adapted by people amazingly early. Now that the designers have again started experimenting with the lengths of the shirts the ladies are in confusion which style to opt for the long loose fit shirts or the short tight fit shirts and paired with what shalwars or trousers. With the arrival of new season we need some change in the fashion. Although long shirts long very elegant and decent but after experimenting with all the cuts that could be made with the long shirts we now need to come up with something new.

After experimenting with the neutral colors through out the summer season we now need to go for bright colors so that the dull gloomy winter season bring the excitement of colorful clothes with it. Fashion this season is definitely color oriented. We have changed from neutral colored coats and sweaters to bright colored coats, cardigans, blazers and sweaters for this seasons fashion clothes. Girls would love the Pakistani Fashion designers new color schemes. Pakistani fashion industry has yet to experience its transition which is to be brought about by the designers from the amazing combinations of the merger of the eastern and western cuts. Pakistani women are now experts in fashion apparel designing on their own.

They get the tailor made outfits made so nicely that they can simply find a good tailor and follow the trends of the season. It is predicted that the coming seasonโ€™s style would be knee length shirts and the churi-dar pajamas with them. This sounds so alien to all of us but once the fasion is followed it will be followed by many.

Pakistani Sexist Models
Pakistani Sexist Models

Pakistani Sexist Models
Pakistani Sexist Models

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