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Pakistanis Safe in Libya Pakistan Embassy

Posted by on Thursday, February 24, 2011, 13:01
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Pakistan’s acting Ambassador to Libya Ali Javed said on Wednesday that all 18,000 Pakistanis in Libya were “safe and embassy is in contact with them.”

Pakistanis Safe in Libya Pakistan Embassy

Pakistanis Safe in Libya Pakistan Embassy

“We have not received any report of untoward incidents against Pakistanis. We have no consulate or a commercial section in Benghazi and are in contact with Pakistanis living there who said they are safe,” Javed told reporters.

There are five officers and 30 staff members in Pakistan embassy at Tripoli, who were also safe.

“So far we have not received any report about injury or death of any Pakistani. Our foremost priority is welfare of Pakistani nationals. We are in contact with our government and getting their advice,” he added.

He said some Pakistanis working for a Turkish construction company contacted the embassy and requested they wanted to return home.

“We told our government and conveyed their request,” he responded.

Earlier today, minibuses packed with Egyptian workers and belongings piled high on the roof racks crossed into Egypt from Libya on Wednesday after a revolt that triggered political and economic turmoil in the oil producer.

Some Egyptians fled for fear of more violence after Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi, in power since 1969, vowed to crush a revolt that may have left as many as 1,000 people dead, according to an Italian estimate of deaths.

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1 Response to “Pakistanis Safe in Libya Pakistan Embassy”

  1. Guin
    2011.02.24 20:16

    This is height of hypocracy and disregard to fellow citizen, and bigotry on part and Pak govt..nothing new though. Every other country is trying to get their nationals out but we are safe!!!!

    Pakistan was mentioned in Qaddafi’s speech!! It is believed that some of the Libyan air force pilots are Pakistans..just wait for the repraisals.

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