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Pakistanis support Media Decision to Boycott Indian Content

Posted by on Wednesday, August 21, 2013, 12:25
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A great number of patriotic citizens struck chord with SAMAA television when it decided to boycott contents involving Indian dramas, songs and films, after the neighboring country continued to undertake series of unilateral and unprovoked cross-border actions at strained Kashmir frontiers, Media reported Saturday.

Boycott Indian Content

Boycott Indian Content

Inebriated and blindfolded by its might and main, India resorted to cross-border shelling at Line of Control (LoC) and killed innocent citizens of Pakistan, stoking up a fire from cinders fanned on August 6 on pressure from its politicians as well as media.

To counter the lopsided and biased Indian propaganda, it was SAMAA TV that led the pack and rebuffed to air any content having Indian songs, movies or dramas. People from Pakistani media announced to fully back up this courageous decision by SAMAA.

Fashion world is typically headlined by Indian names these days; however, fashion designers and modes underlined the need for Pakistanis to jettison Indian brands and come over to appreciate the indigenous fashion industry.

All and sundry affiliated with Pakistan’s film and drama industry hope that public will shoulder their responsibility to play their full-fledged role against India’s unilateral aggression. The media veterans asserted the boycott of Indian dramas, movies and songs should hold until India’s unwarranted provocation ceases.

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