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Pervaiz Rashid says Tahir-ul Qadri Practically Hijacked Plane

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Federal Information Minister, Pervaiz Rashid, has criticized Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri, holding him responsible for flight saga at Lahore airport, news reported Monday.

Pervaiz Rashid

Pervaiz Rashid

โ€œMr. Qadri is trying to enrage people on purpose. He has practically hijacked the plane using unlawful means,โ€ said the minister.

He said the government wanted to shift the PAT chief to his residence in Lahore in a safe manner, once he left the plane.

Qadri had refused to come off the flight insisting to go to Islamabad from where the flight was diverted earlier today.

The PAT chief seeks army security cover in Lahore where thousands of his supporters are ready to welcome him to disembark an anti-government campaign.

His followers armed with sticks and bricks clashed with baton-wielding police at Islamabad airport upon receiving the news that flight of the PAT chief has been diverted.

Police fired teargas during clash with PAT protestors in Islamabad ahead of Qadriโ€™s return to Pakistan.

PAT workers, including a large number of women, had managed to breach police cordons to arrive at the Islamabad airport overnight.

Qadri says he is coming back home to lead an anti-government “revolution”.

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