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PM Gilani Says Opposition Responded Unconstitutionally to Supreme Court Ruling

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Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani Tuesday night held opposition accountable for behaving unconstitutionally in response to SC’s verdict of his conviction in contempt case, reports.PM Gilani

The premier claimed he was sentenced for five or six minutes only in contempt conviction, adding that Nawaz Sharif has been more worried than I am since the ruling in contempt case.

Interacting with newsmen in a government-run television program, PM Gilani said he was ready to go to jail on the day when the verdict of contempt case was due to be out.

“It was my right not to write letter to Swiss authorities,” the premier boasted. The way PML-N behaved in response to contempt conviction has been unconstitutional, leader of the house maintained. “Rise in political temperature is unnecessary,” he mentioned.

I took measures according to the summery of law ministry relating to the contempt case, he underscored. “I plead guilty to occupying premiership for the longest period of time and that is my real crime,” he rued.

Responding to the questions regarding involvement of his sons in corruption scandals, PM Gilani was of the view: corruption allegations have famed my sons more than ever.

He added his policy of reconciliation has borne tremendous fruits but this is what irked Mian Nawaz Sharif the most. No political force will support opposition’s scheduled long march, Gilani claimed.

I don’t want confrontation with anyone; he clarified, refuting any likelihood to counter judiciary. “Confronting judiciary is above-question,” he maintained.

It is not that only the federal government is corrupt but some elements always wishfully malign it, he concluded.

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