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Police arrest Denny Phillips

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Posted by on Thursday, April 29, 2010, 16:52
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Police arrested Denny Edward Phillips today in connection with the death of Brooke Phillips, a Nevada prostitute who was on the HBO show “Cathouse.” The Washington Post reports, “Tulsa police say 32-year-old Denny Edward Phillips was shot three times Monday when he pointed a gun at officers. Authorities say he had been an early person of interest in the Oklahoma City deaths and was also wanted in the burglary of a Tulsa police detective’s home.”

Brooke Philips

Brooke Philips

NowPublic.com says, “Brooke Phillips was just 22-years-old and pregnant when she was found along with another 22-year-old mother to be, Milagrous Barrera inside a burned home in Oklahoma City late last year.”

Regarding the arrest, Tulsa World reports, “Phillips was named as a “person of interest” in a break-in at Tulsa Police Sgt. Mike Huff’s Tulsa County home last week. A Tulsa police uniform and badge, family heirlooms and truck were stolen, along with several guns.”

Police said that Denny Phillips has long been a “person of interest” in the case.

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  1. ali
    2010.04.30 00:02

    is this pakistani news???

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