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Prime Minister Ordered to Appear Before Court (Missing Persons Case)

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The Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to appear before the bench hearing the missing persons case, as he wields the portfolio of defence too. The court asserted the defence minister i.e. the Prime Minister will have to appear before the court if he fails to produce the missing persons on November 28.

Supreme Court of Pakistan

Supreme Court of Pakistan

As the judicial proceedings got off the ground, additional secretary defence appeared before the bench with a stance that secretary defence is ailing; accordingly, he could not make it to the court today. Reacting to this, Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry retorted, “Being ailing, he should take rest, leaving the charge in somebody else’s care.”

On inquiry by the court, the bench was briefed that the Prime Minister has the portfolio of defence minister. On this, the Chief Justice remarked, “Tell the defence minister that these people were handed to the army from Malakand Jail. And, Superintendent Jail is a witness to it. The problem will be resolved only after the case is registered.”

The additional defence secretary, appearing before the court after the interval, informed the bench that he has been assigned the charge of secretary defence; hence, the court is requested to allow some time to him.

The Chief Justice voiced displeasure over the plea and ordered to produce the missing persons the same day under all circumstances. Later, the additional AG appeared before the court as the hearing was re-started after the interval and pleaded with the court for more time because he could not contact the Prime Minister as yet.

On plea by additional Attorney General, the Chief Justice asserted the situation being sensitive, the court will not flinch from calling any big-shot if needed.

Meantime, the court decreed the defence minister and secretary defence to appear before the court in case the missing persons do not appear on November 28.

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