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PTI Chairman Imran Khan Demands Midterm Election

Posted by on Saturday, May 21, 2011, 10:01
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Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has appealed people to participate in a sit-in protest at Native Jetty Bridge, Karachi on May 21 and 22 against the US drone attacks and logistic supplies via Pakistan for NATO forces in Afghanistan.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan
PTI Chairman Imran Khan

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, he said that the US drone attacks are not only against the country’s sovereignty but also serious violation of human rights.

Imran Khan said parliament has already passed condemnation resolution against Abbottabad operation and the US drone attacks. He charged that ‘the match has already been fixed’ between American and Pakistani rulers about drone attacks on Pakistan soil. He charged President and Prime Minister are equally responsible for this match fixing. He said that the rulers should have resigned on the Abbottabad issue.

He said that our parents had told us that we are independent but now we see ourselves as slaves. He said if want to get rid of this slavery we should have to unit for the sake of country.

Khan said innocent people are being become the victim of drone attacks and this massacre is further spreading militancy in country. He questioned why the human rights are tight-lipped on the killer drone attacks.

He said that during his party’s Peshawar sit-in he was informed that when a drone attacks Waziristan, people do not rescue the injured due to the fear of another attack. He said nation is spending Rs55000 on every minute of parliament from taxpayers’ money. He asked what the nation gets back from the parliament.

Imran Khan demanded holding midterm elections, saying the sitting government was not legitimate as millions of bogus votes were cast in the last election. Criticizing PML-N Chief he said that the Mian Brothers were not in favor of independent judiciary. He said that his party will never ever form a coalition government with PML-N.

He said the rulers whose bank accounts are in foreign countries could never be sincere with the people of Pakistan. He said that corrupt politicians could never conduct accountancy of any one.

Imran Khan claimed if his party came in power no one would dare to challenge sovereignty of Pakistan.

The PTI leader said that the ruling political parties were helpless to take a firm stand for bringing an end to the US hegemony. He said that people could not tolerate any more US interference in the country. Khan said that the PTI had initiated a movement to inform the people about the anti-state forces working in Pakistan and against drone attacks. He said this movement would be continued till the end of drone attacks.

To a question PTI Chairman said that the government or American mercenaries like Blackwater cannot stop their sit-in in Karachi.

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