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Swiss Officials says Asif Zardari Cases Cannot be Re-Opened Now

Posted by on Wednesday, June 19, 2013, 10:08
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Asif Zardari

Asif Zardari

The Swiss officials have told Pakistan government that cases against President Zardari cannot be re-opened now, media reports.

According to the Law Ministry sources, the Swiss authorities have sent reply to Pakistan regime over re-opening of President Zardariโ€™s cases in their country.

The Swiss officials have said in the letter that these kinds of cases used to be time bound in their country and now that time has ended, so those cases cannot be opened again.

The Supreme Court will be informed about this recent letter and reply of the Swiss officials about re-opening of cases against President Zardari, added the sources.

T the other side, the Law ministry has contacted Pakistani Embassy in Switzerland to get more information about Swiss cases.

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