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The Stats and Facts of Online Shopping in Pakistan

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The Stats and Facts of Online Shopping in Pakistan


The overall internet usage is increasing in Pakistan, but how and for what purpose it is being used is

completely different from western countries. The internet users of Pakistan can be segregated on the

basis of various categories such as income levels, life stages, education and gender.

The internet is majorly used for entertainment which includes downloading, streaming audio/video files

and communication via social community networking site. It is also widely used for marketing, having

advertisement recall parallel only to that of television. On several occasions the internet is also trusted

over tele-sales and other sources to provide authentic and valuable information. An average Pakistani

(from low-income to graduates and post-graduates) spends about 3 hours or more, online, on both

weekends and weekdays. He/she also pays approximately PKR 500 – PKR 1000 per month for an average

550 kbps of internet. This is of crucial advantage to the retailers, wholesalers and other types of sellers.

On the net, the sellers have consumer’s full attention, they can provide their product/service’s

particulars in detail.

Online commerce is still an emerging trend limited to a relatively smaller portion of people. Although

limited in quantity at the moment. Within the online shopping phenomena there are a few categories

picking up orders. In apparel, items like T- Shirts and in electronics, items like cell – phones and other

smaller gadgets have been items of choice, to order online. Other categories like home appliances and

footwear have a significant purchase rate, online. There are many reasons for this trend such as nature/

price of product, delivery time and area from where the order is made. Even though the internet is used

both in rural and urban areas, commerce is limited to the urban areas of the Punjab and Sindh province.

Such online commerce takes place through physical cash payment methods like cash on delivery.

Many startups have already started investing in South Asia, especially in Pakistan. These startups have

been going strong for a year or so with plans of expansion. A UAE based IT company entered as Al

Moaeed Technologies with South African company Naspers invested in Pakistan as OLX.

Another website is and many others. These websites have reported rapid vertical growth

achieving orders of up to 1500 per day. This growth is to exceeding even further with the introduction of

3G and 4G networks in Pakistan.

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