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Watch IMRAN KHAN Movie Kaptaan Overview

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A group of young independent filmmakers has undertaken the initiative of producing an independent feature film called Kaptaan, based on Imran Khan’s high-profile life following the end of his cricket career.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

As a former captain of Pakistan or Kaptaan, stamped Khan, the cricket ground with his talent and charisma. Years later, he is also famous activist after conversion into a successful political and social. The film on the life of former cricket star, who is still in post-production, based examined the experiences of a man who dedicated his life to fight for his country but also personal and emotional pain.
Faisal Aman Khan, an independent filmmaker based in Britain, is the head of the film. Aman Khan confessed that he had the idea that this film was two years ago, after he graduated from film school. After his colleagues met with Faisal Khan several times during the research phase of the project for approval.
“Imran Khan was hesitant at first, saying it was more important to focus on other aspects of the country, Faisal persistence finally won in the end it paid off,” said Naveed Anwar, Deputy Director film and screenwriter. “We wanted a film that would make the positive side of this project in Pakistan. It was difficult because there are very few figures in Pakistan that have global appeal. ”
Anwar, who has directed several short films, said that the story revolves around, as the disappointment of Khan is about to enter the desperate state of affairs of Pakistan has initiated in the political arena. He also opposes Khan fight for the future of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah is.
The film recreates scenes of major incidents such as his arrest at the University of Punjab in Lahore, his hunger strike in prison and then a few intimate scenes with his ex-wife Jemima Khan.
A major challenge before shooting the film was the choice of actor for the role of the protagonist. After many auditions and screen tests for the leading role, decided to choose a team led by Abdul Mannan local model, which has an uncanny resemblance to the cricketer. Anwar said it was particularly difficult for someone Khan might play a role because there are very few people who have physical characteristics and behavior of the discovery in 1992 World Cup match as captain.
Mannan, which says that no one enthusiastic supporters of the policy of Pakistan because of its poor condition, he had made to various video clips of the cricket-turned-politicians in the study of justice, the role. He said that the inspiration of the film set and that people recognize the state of the country and thus more interest in their affairs. “There were films like Jinnah and Gandhi, this is another inspiring story of heroes of a nation,” said Mannan. “There are things that people forget about him.”
Mannan Saeeda Imtiaz, a Pakistani-American model in New York, which plays the role of Jemima Khan is coupled. Their role highlights the various challenges of life in Pakistan that Khan’s ex-wife and saw the strength of their complex relationship with the former cricket star. Imtiaz, who almost took him six months to prepare for his role, said: “The way the film is – the use of light and the fact that young filmmakers and full of ideas – which gives the film a unique look, “said Imtiaz.
Insiders say that the film is ready for distribution this fall, but they remain tight-lipped on the planned date of publication. Currently, the distribution plan, that to get a theatrical release across Pakistan and abroad. More than 107 players have used for the film and the production team includes 12 people.

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