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Western Air Strikes Fail to Dislodge Gaddafi Armor

Posted by on Thursday, March 24, 2011, 10:38
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Western warplanes hit Libya for a fifth night on Thursday, but have so far failed to stop Muammar Gaddafi’s tanks shelling rebel-held towns or dislodge his armor from a strategic junction in the east.

Western Air Strikes Fail to Dislodge Gaddafi Armor
Western Air Strikes Fail to Dislodge Gaddafi Armor

Gaddafi’s tanks rolled back into Misrata under the cover of darkness and began shelling the area near the main hospital, residents and rebels said, resuming their attack after their guns were silenced in daylight hours by Western airstrikes.

Government snipers in the city, Libya’s third largest, were undeterred by the bombing raids though and had carried on firing indiscriminately throughout, residents said. A rebel spokesman said the snipers had killed 16 people.

“Government tanks are closing in on Misrata hospital and shelling the area,” said a doctor in Misrata who was briefly reached by phone before the line was cut off.

It was impossible to independently verify the reports.

A loud explosion was heard in the Libyan capital Tripoli early on Thursday and smoke could be seen rising from an area where a military base is situated.

“We heard another explosion just now. We see smoke rising. There are people on rooftops. It seems to be in a military area near the engineering college (in the Tajoura area),” said one resident, declining to be named.

The U.S. military said it had successfully established a no-fly zone over Libya’s coastal areas and had moved on to attack Gaddafi’s tanks. The allies flew 175 sorties in 24 hours, with the U.S. flying 113 of those, a U.S. commander said.

French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet said France had destroyed some 10 Libyan armored vehicles over three days.

The U.N. Security Council resolution he said, “stipulates that the coalition has all means available to protect the civilians. What’s threatening the population today is the tanks and artillery,” he said in an interview with Le Figaro.

The Libyan government denies its army is conducting any offensive operations and says troops are only defending themselves when they come under attack.

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  1. Syed Hasnain Imam
    2011.04.25 17:55

    Western bombardment by drones or otherwise will not be able to dislodge Ghadafi. It is the ground war that will decide his fate but the rebels have sold their souls to the US and its Western allies and they cannot stand or fight on their own. Saudi Islam believes in killing any body especially Moslems who are not Wahhabi and this is why they are backing the Christians against the Muslim. They are in Bahrain killing Muslims once again to save the American fleet they say. But why is Pakistan allowing its citizens to be recruited by the repressive regime of Bahrain to kill the Muslims be they Sunnis or Shias. Is Wahhabism the official religion of Pakistan?

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